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For more than 40 years we have taught individualized English lessons to adults in Japan!

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Gain confidence and proficiency in the business English skills that take your career to the next level.


Master skills and vocabulary necessary to excel at English TOEIC or TOEFL proficiency tests.


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Meet the Teachers

Kathleen Riggins

Besides teaching English, I serve as an international school librarian, and give character education workshops.  I enjoy talking with my granddaughters in Canada via Skype.

TJ Riggins

My students have made my life interesting and fulfilling.  I am an entrepreneur, teacher and specialise in business English instruction.  I relax by reading science fiction.


I was teaching English to children more than twenty years.  We have learned from Mr. Riggins in a group English class.  He knows Japanese customs and culture very well.  And he is very friendly, and always gave us good advice.  We always have a nice time.

Satoko Uchino